Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Natal Hair Loss Treatment Testimonial


by: Amy Tay

I am a hair consultant at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre. All these years, I never had any problems with my scalp or my hair. I had a voluminous head of hair and people envied me for its texture and lusciousness. During my pregnancy, I had thick and luxuriant tresses. I received compliments for my quantity and quality of hair. 

All these changed after the birth of my baby. Four months after the birth of my baby girl, I discovered that more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. My hair was contantly dropping and soon I had a receding M-shaped hairline on my head. It was getting too obvious when my colleagues, friends and family started noticing it and this was causing me to start feeling distraught. A bare patch was starting to appear and this patch was getting bigger adn bigger as the days went by. It was not merely a psychological effect as everyone around me noticed it and was telling me about it. 

post natal hair loss
Amy Tay after treatment
Post-natal hair loss is influenced by breast-feeding, blood loss during childbirth, sleep deprivation, nutrition and or the many reasons for emotional stresss in a a new mother, and it was really getting to me. My hair is of utmost importance to me in my job as a Hair Consultant as I had to meet both new and regular customers on a daily basis. Without a full head of healthy and good looking hair, my customers would not have the assurance or confidence in me. Fortunately for me, I am working at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre where I recevied staff benefits. Post-natal hair loss treatment was one of the treatments that customers who came to LaoFoYe seek. I started using LaoFoYe Herbal Essence on 21st Ausgust 2011 in complement with the other hair treatments at my workplace. Within 2 weeks of application, I was delighted to notice that the amount of hair loss had been greatly reduced and I can see hair growth. After 2month of continuous usage of LaoFoYe Herbal Essence, I was thrilled at the sight of new baby hair sprouting along the receding M-shaped hairline. I regained both my hair and confidence! I was fortunate to start treatment at LaoFoYe using their Herbal Essence early in the post-natal hair losss process. Without it, my hair might not been regained and the consequences would have been disastrous had I left it alone.

I am thankful and grateful to my employer for helping me to solve my post-natal hair loss problem. Now I can safely LaoFoYe CAN! They really CAN solve hair problems! 

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