Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hair Growth Testimonials


Mr. Henry Thia

A famous local celebrity and comedian, suffered from hair-loss for a few years.  He tried various products and treatments but the excessive hair loss did not stop.  Hair lost while combing, shampooing and even simply brushing his hand through his hair frightened him so much that he was desperate to find a savior to his plight. Through recommendations and advertisements, Henry finally decided to seek LaoFoYe's help.

After 3 days of anti-hair loss treatments at LaoFoYe, his condition improved tremendously. He no longer experience excessive  hair loss. He was no longer afraid of going bald.  Many people he met asked him what he did to his hair. They even noticed that he looked younger and more refreshed. These compliments made him very happy about his treatments at LaoFoYe.  The anti-stress acupunctural massage during treatment had eased and relaxed his stressful and sometimes tightly scheduled lifestyle. The treatments had not only stopped his hair loss but also strengthened his hair such that they look thicker and fuller.  He become more cheerful and confident when filming.

Within a month a treatment at LaoFoYe, Henry noticed hair growth.  At age 58, he could not believe that there could possibly be a chance of new hair growth.  But it did happen. He is so excited about it that he always jumps to the idea of having his computer scalp scan whenever possible. He also become more excited when after using LaoFoYe's 100% Herbal Essence for hair growth during his sleep, his eyebrows has also grown thicker, darker and longer.

Due to the success in his treatments, LaoFoYe invited him to be their Ambassador, being a living proof of "LaoFoYe Can". Being an entertainment/filming artist Henry's hair is also subject to tons of gel, and loads of hairspray and constant hair coloring.  It is therefore important that he maintains his hair well in order to keep his good looks. Henry is more that happy to continue receiving treatments at LaoFoYe.

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