Friday, December 7, 2012

Oily Scalp Problem

oily scalp

by: LaoFoYe

Most people associate hair loss (alopecia) with either oily scalp or dandruff.  When the scalp become oily, it does make it more likely to have Sebum plugs in and around the hair follicles.  
Solidified oil attracted to hair root

This plug wraps around the bottom part of the bulb (the reproducing part of the hair), “suffocate it”, which eventually results in hair loss.  In that sense, the sebum acts as a hair remover.  Adult men and women of all ages can suffer from sebum plug.

An excessive oily scalp can be caused by several different factors.  The main ones hormonal changes, heredity, stress, improper diet or environmental factors such as intense heat and humidity.

Scanned pictures of an Oily Scalp

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