Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gray Hair Treatment Testimonial

by: Tay Poh Choo (Mother of Tan Sijie)

My husband and I discovered my daughter's gray hair problem when she was 4years old. My daughter is 5years old this year.

She was diagnosed with genetic gray hair problem by doctors who said there's no treatment or medication for it. Sijie's hair was white soft and very thin (especially half of the lower back). I had also sought the help of Chinese physicians who prescribed herbal medication but I saw no changes. I was left highly dissatisfied about the results. Just when I was going to give up hope, I saw LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre's advertisements and decided to give it a try.

I was skeptical at first. However, after witnessing the scan pictures of their past records adn the clear explanation by the Hair Specialist. I was convinced to let Sijie try LaoFoYe  Hair Care Centre's Treatments. She commenced treatment on 31st December 2011. Within only 5 months (after 20 sessions), we did see the changes to Sijie's gray hair progressively. They did microscopic-scan after every 5 treatments.
press conference for the success of Sijie's hair
The entire bottom of her hair was now becoming darker and blacker, unlike previously where her hair was grayish and colorless. Her situation is also under control, and currently no new gray hair is growing. Rather, they are turning black and she also need not worry about the gray hair in future. I am very satisfied witht he results that LaoFoYe has achieved on my daughter's hair. On 23rd May 2012, after a review was done; we decided to give this testimonial.

I further agree to let LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre use this testimonial endorsement and the photos and videos for their advertisements on all different media platforms freely without any limitations on time and location. I thereby willingly agree to a press conference as living testimonial on effectiveness of LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre herbal treatments. 

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