Monday, August 19, 2013

Black Hair Fashion


Good old-fashioned natural black hair is back
Recently, people are reverting back to the trend of having natural black hair, especially Asians. The recent trends of Asian stars, such as Chinese actress and Japanese models with black hair also shows that the good old-fashioned natural black hair is back.

What identifies an Asian?
However, due to age, genetic and the lack of Vitamin B12, Asians starts to worry that their natural black sleek hair will turn gray and white, this happens irregardless of age or gender. To cover up their white hairs many people will start to go for chemical hair coloring that is fast and easy.  But this will damage the structure of the hair, leaving their hair dry and fizzy, leading to breaking hair shaft, scalp and hair problems such as hair loss, scalp infection, etc….

Introducing Natural Henna Based Coloring
Some Asians especially the older generation will also make use of herbal coloring to do cover-up, unknowingly some of these still contains harmful chemicals, such as the para-phenyldiamine (also known as PPD) which helps in hastening the process of coloring. These chemicals are said to damage the scalp and hair structure and may even can lead to cases of endangering the consumer’s health. There are also a small handful of people who can’t dye their hair due to reasons such as head injuries, sensitive scalp as well as blood disorder patient. These people will often look for solutions in henna coloring in the market.

To help these people and also to protect the consumer’s scalp and hair, LaoFoYe’s Natural Henna based coloring is recommended vis-à-vis chemical coloring which is ever so readily available Natural Henna is suitable for all ages and genders. 

Henna contains natural herbal coloring agent that usually results in giving lustrous, shiny hair. It also strengthens the hair and hair pigments, controlling hair loss and dandruff, making your hair look more natural. It is also capable of conditioning and protecting hair structure from outer damages by the sun and rain erosion.

LaoFoYe’s Natural Henna Based coloring consist of a combination of herbs including henna which oxidizes when mixed with water and forms a wrap around the hair stem without changing or damaging the structure of the hair. Colors are usually permanent on those parts that have been treated.

Get back your natural hair color from the within
LaoFoYe introduces its special Gray Hair Treatment that is concocted from 100% natural herbs and contains nutrients essential for the hair to product melanin (color pigmentation cells). These herbs penetrate into the hair follicle to stimulate the melanin producing cells thus prolonging the original pigmentation of the hair. Under periodic microscopic scans, new whites can be seen to change from the roots- from white to gray or black. It nourishes the scalp to reduce hair loss leaving the hair soft and silky. Repeated Gray Hair treatment at LaoFoYe not only prolongs and stimulates the melanin, the results are also permanent and new hair grown will be in its original color.

LaoFoYe’s Herbal Detox treatment helps to clarify the scalp for any impurities, such as oil clogs, dandruff and harmful chemical substances from coloring and perming of hair and many more.

Using only 100% Natural Herbs without any preservatives and chemicals, LaoFoYe aims to help customers to revive their natural luster of black hair.

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