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Hair Loss

hair loss
by: LaoFoYe

Hair Loss is the state of having no hair, thinning hair or lacking hair where it often grows. Some people who experience hair loss had tried different ways to solve it but hair growth is somehow a problem for people with hair loss. 

 These  are the different causes of hair loss: 
1. Dietary deficiencies and crash dieting 
2. High grade fever 
3. Anemia 
4. Blood loss 
5. Hormonal imbalance 
6. Pregnancy 
7. Skin disease 
8. Bacteria infections 
9. Medication  

Of the 100,000 to 350,000 follicles on the human scalp, not all are productive. 

The hair grows for around 1,000 days (3 years) and then rests for a period of 100 days (3 months). This “Hair Cycle” varies between individuals and is influenced by age, diet and state of health. The old hair from the last “Hair Cycle” may remain in the follicle and not be dislodged by daily hair care products, but it will be displaced by the new hair as it grows up the follicle. Hair length is controlled by the length of the growing phase which is Anagen. 

empty pores
 Hair roots damage by chemicals from commercial products                                    Empty pores after hair loss

The stronger the follicle (dermal papilla), the longer the hair will grow. Weak hair roots (dermal papilla) render the hair not only unable to grow longer, they are not able to hold on to the hair, Therefore they get detached. We all lose hair naturally every day. As long as new hair are produced at the same rate as those falling out, there will be no difference in the density of the hair. But if shedding is greater than production, hair loss ensues. Hair thickness varies between individuals. Some finer while others coarser. 

As we grow older, there is a tendency for our hair fibres to become finer and shorter over excessive cycles. It is important to remember that hair loss condition or scalp problem do not go away by themselves! They can only worsen if left unattended.  We advise anyone who has problems with their hair loss to act immediately to regain them.  LaoFoYe offers natural hair loss treatment, we are using only 100% natural herbs with no preservatives or chemicals.

Hair Loss to Successfull Hair Growth

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