Thursday, December 27, 2012

Post-Natal Hair Loss Treatment Testimonial


by: Amy Tay

I am a hair consultant at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre. All these years, I never had any problems with my scalp or my hair. I had a voluminous head of hair and people envied me for its texture and lusciousness. During my pregnancy, I had thick and luxuriant tresses. I received compliments for my quantity and quality of hair. 

All these changed after the birth of my baby. Four months after the birth of my baby girl, I discovered that more hair coming out in the shower or on the brush. My hair was contantly dropping and soon I had a receding M-shaped hairline on my head. It was getting too obvious when my colleagues, friends and family started noticing it and this was causing me to start feeling distraught. A bare patch was starting to appear and this patch was getting bigger adn bigger as the days went by. It was not merely a psychological effect as everyone around me noticed it and was telling me about it. 

post natal hair loss
Amy Tay after treatment
Post-natal hair loss is influenced by breast-feeding, blood loss during childbirth, sleep deprivation, nutrition and or the many reasons for emotional stresss in a a new mother, and it was really getting to me. My hair is of utmost importance to me in my job as a Hair Consultant as I had to meet both new and regular customers on a daily basis. Without a full head of healthy and good looking hair, my customers would not have the assurance or confidence in me. Fortunately for me, I am working at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre where I recevied staff benefits. Post-natal hair loss treatment was one of the treatments that customers who came to LaoFoYe seek. I started using LaoFoYe Herbal Essence on 21st Ausgust 2011 in complement with the other hair treatments at my workplace. Within 2 weeks of application, I was delighted to notice that the amount of hair loss had been greatly reduced and I can see hair growth. After 2month of continuous usage of LaoFoYe Herbal Essence, I was thrilled at the sight of new baby hair sprouting along the receding M-shaped hairline. I regained both my hair and confidence! I was fortunate to start treatment at LaoFoYe using their Herbal Essence early in the post-natal hair losss process. Without it, my hair might not been regained and the consequences would have been disastrous had I left it alone.

I am thankful and grateful to my employer for helping me to solve my post-natal hair loss problem. Now I can safely LaoFoYe CAN! They really CAN solve hair problems! 

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hair Growth Treatment Testimonial


by: Mr. Murungan

I suffered hair loss for a few years due to work stress and insomnia.  In desperation, I cropped my hair to prevent hair loss during shampooing. However, my hairline continued to recede. The “M” at the top of the forehead became more prominent!

After hair growth treatments at LaoFoYe, not only did I hair loss stop, new hair started to emerge! I also sleeps better because of the acupunctural-point massage I receive during treatment at LaoFoYe.  My hair texture improved dramatically especially at the back of my head and front hairline is progressing.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dandruff Problem


by: LaoFoYe

Dandruff is caused by a fungus Malasseziaglobosa. The fungus lives and feed on human scalp causing itching and flaking. The fungus feeds on sebum, the oily product produced by the sebaceous glands. The fungus has no ability to manufacture its own fatty acids, so relies on human sebum for its source, having oily scalp also lead to hair loss and dandruff.

Sebum acts to protect and waterproof hair and skin, and keep them from becoming dry, brittle and cracked. Dandruff causes excessive flaking of skin from scalp. Itching from dry or greasy scaling varies.
Possible Causes of Dandruff
  • Over-shampooing 
  • Improper drying of hair after wash 
  • Allergic reactions to hair products

Very serious scarred dandruff condition formed over many years. Some areas covered by very thick deposits pulling together cause irritation and tightness. Roots and pores are clogged.  Itchy scratches cause scalp to bleed.

dandruff treatment
LaoFoYe Dandruff Treatment
Healthy clean scalp, clear of dandruff is exposed.  Scalp becomes pinkish, sensitive with baby-like skin. Hair follicles becomes clearly visible and can breathe. Restored scalp encourage healthy follicles to naturally sprout new hair.

Dandruff can be controlled but treatment may need a little patience and persistence. Thick deposits of dandruff (especially wet thick dandruff) are more difficult to treat and takes longer time and sometimes it leads to severe scalp problems.  LaoFoYe has experience in treating very stubborn and serious dandruff problems. Layers and layers of dandruff can gradually be removed over time. Home-use products would also be recommended, depending on seriousness of condition.


Friday, December 14, 2012

Hair Growth

hair growth
 by: LaoFoYe

Hair grow from inside a hair bulb deep in a hair follicle (root). Mostly a few hair can grow from one follicle. Each hair grows for a few years. When one hair drops off, (50–100 hair a day) a new hair should grow in its place. A good healthy follicle should reproduce hair by itself. This is the hair cycle.

The follicle is buried under the scalp. It is connected to the blood vessels and nerves and feeds through the dermal papilla. Stress and medication affects the health of the follicle. When the dermal papilla is under-nourished by the blood vessels or stressed, it becomes too weak to support new hair growth. i.e. more hair seem to be lost without replacement, thus resulting hair loss.
empty scalp
Evidence of nutrients being absorbed by the follicles

Scientist and doctors are still not able to determine the causes to genetic hair condition or genetic hair loss but suspect that it has everything to do with the family’s blood makeup and diet habits.

Reverse Hair Cycle
Where a follicle has lost its last hair and gone to sleep,
LaoFoYe's Secret Formula wakes it up.
Where one hair is left in a follicle,
LaoFoYe's Secret Formula induces another to grow.

hair growth
From Hair Loss to Hair Growth

LaoFoYe hair growth treatment's expected results:

  • Scalp become less oily or less dry
  • Hair roots become more protruding and darker
  • Hair get a lift and look firmer instead of limp and flat
  • Hair get healthier, therefore becomes thicker and look fuller
  • New hair growing, so scalp doesn't look so empty

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hair Loss

hair loss
by: LaoFoYe

Hair Loss is the state of having no hair, thinning hair or lacking hair where it often grows. Some people who experience hair loss had tried different ways to solve it but hair growth is somehow a problem for people with hair loss. 

 These  are the different causes of hair loss: 
1. Dietary deficiencies and crash dieting 
2. High grade fever 
3. Anemia 
4. Blood loss 
5. Hormonal imbalance 
6. Pregnancy 
7. Skin disease 
8. Bacteria infections 
9. Medication  

Of the 100,000 to 350,000 follicles on the human scalp, not all are productive. 

The hair grows for around 1,000 days (3 years) and then rests for a period of 100 days (3 months). This “Hair Cycle” varies between individuals and is influenced by age, diet and state of health. The old hair from the last “Hair Cycle” may remain in the follicle and not be dislodged by daily hair care products, but it will be displaced by the new hair as it grows up the follicle. Hair length is controlled by the length of the growing phase which is Anagen. 

empty pores
 Hair roots damage by chemicals from commercial products                                    Empty pores after hair loss

The stronger the follicle (dermal papilla), the longer the hair will grow. Weak hair roots (dermal papilla) render the hair not only unable to grow longer, they are not able to hold on to the hair, Therefore they get detached. We all lose hair naturally every day. As long as new hair are produced at the same rate as those falling out, there will be no difference in the density of the hair. But if shedding is greater than production, hair loss ensues. Hair thickness varies between individuals. Some finer while others coarser. 

As we grow older, there is a tendency for our hair fibres to become finer and shorter over excessive cycles. It is important to remember that hair loss condition or scalp problem do not go away by themselves! They can only worsen if left unattended.  We advise anyone who has problems with their hair loss to act immediately to regain them.  LaoFoYe offers natural hair loss treatment, we are using only 100% natural herbs with no preservatives or chemicals.

Hair Loss to Successfull Hair Growth

Friday, December 7, 2012

Oily Scalp Problem

oily scalp

by: LaoFoYe

Most people associate hair loss (alopecia) with either oily scalp or dandruff.  When the scalp become oily, it does make it more likely to have Sebum plugs in and around the hair follicles.  
Solidified oil attracted to hair root

This plug wraps around the bottom part of the bulb (the reproducing part of the hair), “suffocate it”, which eventually results in hair loss.  In that sense, the sebum acts as a hair remover.  Adult men and women of all ages can suffer from sebum plug.

An excessive oily scalp can be caused by several different factors.  The main ones hormonal changes, heredity, stress, improper diet or environmental factors such as intense heat and humidity.

Scanned pictures of an Oily Scalp

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Oily Scalp Treatment Testimonial

scan picture of oily scalp
by Ms. Malar

My name is Malar D/O D.  I suffered hair loss after the birth of my 1st child(15 years ago).  Subsequently after the birth of my 3rd child, my hair fall condition became worse.  Due to stress at work, working late at nights as well as looking after my 3 children.  This constant hair loss resulted in me having only half of the hair I used to have.  Also, my hair was very oily and flat.  Needing to salvage my hiar, I went to one of the many hair care centres in Singapore.  Sad to say, despite paying so much money to them, they did not solve my hair problem at all.  Nonetheless, I refused to give up.  I tried different kinds of tonics and hair care products of the shelf.  However these trials not only did not help but made my condition much worse than before.

I was determined to get my hair back as I had very little hair left. There were so many obvious spots on my scalp and can be seen that I have an oily scalp. You see Indians like woman to have lustrous hair. So I had to look good for my husband! In desperation, I search online and typed keywords like "best and fast hair treatments in Singapore" LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre was first on the list above all other hair care centres in Singapore. I clicked on LaoFoYe and was brought to their website where I was introduced to the ancient formulas and methods to stop hair loss and strengthens existing hair and induce hair growth.

Also, their website was very illustrative and explanatory as well as all photos seemed genuine, I was still a little skeptical as I have already been disappointed once. I went around consulting friends and was suprised to received good reviews. My family also agreed that I should give Chinese traditional methods a try in solving my hiar problems.  I started receiving treatments at LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre on the 2nd of October 2009. At first, their lady boss adn their staff were very careful in treating me as I had so little hair left. They took great pains to was my hair gently. When they blew dry my hair, they were also careful not to pull out the weak hair. After 10 treatments (2 weeks and 6 days) I noticed some changes:

1. I had only ver little hair loss (which I think should be normal)
2. There is an increase of the volume of my hair. They explained that it is because my 
    hair is now healthier due to the nutrients received during treatment.
3. Computer scans showed tremendous improvements to my oily scalp.
4. Balding spots are not so visible.
5. There are signs of open pores and baby hair! Applying their hair essence at night
    strengthen and encourage hair growth is so very convenient for my life style.

before and after treatment of oily scalp
before and after the treatment of Ms. Malar's oily scalp

Having a very busy work schedule(sometimes having work overtime) and a mother of 3 children leave me very little time for myself. I simply leave the essence on overnight. It really worked wonders(while I sleep) I specifically endorse their 100% herbal essence which is the greatest help to my hair. The hairstylist I normally go to, complimented on the improvement in quality and quantity of my hair. He said now he doesn't have such a headached trying to fashion my hair. I am continuing treatments there for more hair growth. I hightly recommend LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre to everyone I know. I pen this Testimonial to confirm that LaoFoYe has helped me with my hair problems.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Gray Hair Treatment Testimonial

by: Tay Poh Choo (Mother of Tan Sijie)

My husband and I discovered my daughter's gray hair problem when she was 4years old. My daughter is 5years old this year.

She was diagnosed with genetic gray hair problem by doctors who said there's no treatment or medication for it. Sijie's hair was white soft and very thin (especially half of the lower back). I had also sought the help of Chinese physicians who prescribed herbal medication but I saw no changes. I was left highly dissatisfied about the results. Just when I was going to give up hope, I saw LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre's advertisements and decided to give it a try.

I was skeptical at first. However, after witnessing the scan pictures of their past records adn the clear explanation by the Hair Specialist. I was convinced to let Sijie try LaoFoYe  Hair Care Centre's Treatments. She commenced treatment on 31st December 2011. Within only 5 months (after 20 sessions), we did see the changes to Sijie's gray hair progressively. They did microscopic-scan after every 5 treatments.
press conference for the success of Sijie's hair
The entire bottom of her hair was now becoming darker and blacker, unlike previously where her hair was grayish and colorless. Her situation is also under control, and currently no new gray hair is growing. Rather, they are turning black and she also need not worry about the gray hair in future. I am very satisfied witht he results that LaoFoYe has achieved on my daughter's hair. On 23rd May 2012, after a review was done; we decided to give this testimonial.

I further agree to let LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre use this testimonial endorsement and the photos and videos for their advertisements on all different media platforms freely without any limitations on time and location. I thereby willingly agree to a press conference as living testimonial on effectiveness of LaoFoYe Hair Care Centre herbal treatments.