Friday, November 6, 2015

Hair Growth Treatment Testimonial – Mr. Than

Mr. Than started his Herbal Clarifying and Hair Growth Treatment with Lao Fo Ye since 10 April 2010.
The treatments are definitely working on him. Just look at the results!
In ‘Comapre Photo 1’, the amount of hair on August is definitely much more than the amount of hair on Mr. Than’s head in April. Usually, customers have to undergo the Herbal Clarifying treatment first in order to clean and detoxify impurities & harmful substances on the scalp. It also helps customers to open up clogged & dormant pores on the scalp, conditioning it to receive nutrients.

Hair loss can be caused by multiple factors, with the most common one being stress, prolonged intake of strong medication, crash dieting and the use of unsuitable hair products. Genetic hair loss is probably one of the most devastating forms of hair loss as it is noticeable and may lead to total balding. However, the problem can be managed with the right advice on living habits and complemented with correct natural herbal treatments.

The Hair Growth Treatment infuses the necessary nutrients for healthy hair growth (combined with the usage of infra-red light). Closed pores can be opened & new baby hair can be seen within 20 consecutive days of treatment.
Mr. Than commented that,”Within 6 months, I got this result. I didn’t expect baby hair to grow at my age. I will definitely continue my weekly treatments at Laofoye.” We are very happy that he is satisfied with our services and hope to help more people suffering from hair problems!
If you have hair problems similar to Mr. Than, call us now at 6 3838 333 or book an appointment with us! We are located at the Bencoolen Shopping Centre (Opposite OG Albert), Bugis.

For more information about the Herbal Clarifying Treatment and the Hair Growth Treatment, head over to our website now!

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