Friday, July 8, 2016

5 Foods as your DIY hair conditioners

Tired of having to spend tons of money on protein treatments and moisturizers? Have you ever wanted to make your own products but didn’t know where to start or what to use? Now you can.
All of these ingredients listed below can be used to make your own protein treatments, as well as some great coconut cream conditioners. So put your wallet away and enjoy some of these great tips to teach you how to make your own products!


We love avocados. Not only because they provide your hair with protein, but also because they contain amino acids as well. Avocado is also great if you are growing out your hair and can help strengthen your lox while it’s growing!
Make sure the avocado is pulverized before applying for best results.


While yogurt supplies your hair with protein, it also supplies your hair lactic acid as well. The lactic acid strips the outer layer of your hair’s keratin, and makes your hair better absorb other strength building ingredients. For best results, apply before using shampoo.

Coconut butter

Coconut butter is known for providing your hair with all kinds of the same benefits as you would get if you were using coconut oil.  It helps keep your hair strong and healthy as well as make your hair smell wonderful!

We recently published an article explaining that the protein and amino acids in eggs must be hydrolyzed in order to do your hair any good, but a lot of our readers replied saying that your egg and mayonnaise treatments work for you. We say, if it works for you, then do it! Some curlies like to use egg yolk as a serum to make their hair look healthier and shinier.

Mayo is packed with rich oils that work to lubricate and soften the hair strand. If you would like to hide the mayo scent, you can use a few drops of your favorite essential oil to mix in with it!

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